Interview with Tegon Maus

Today I’m hosting the Wishing Stone book tour! As part of this tour, I have interviewed Tegon Maus, the author of the book, about his creative process:

What was the inspiration for the Katoy?

My father was born and raised in Hawaii. In my family it was impolite to eat everything on your plate. If you cleaned it down to polish it was a sin – it meant you were ungrateful for what you had or worse yet, you didn’t have enough to eat. Leaving a few crumbs, a morsel or two, showed you were grateful and satisfied. It was the polite thing to do. Time has gone by, and my wife and I have much the same thing. A little soda left in a can, a little mac and cheese still stuck to the plate, a few bites of meat… they’re all deliberately left for the “Little People.” Whenever something comes up missing or misplaced, like keys, bills or whatever it is we’re looking for, it’s because of the “Little People.”

A lot of writers are known for their desks. How does yours look right now (including any mess)?

My desk is no different. I use the strata system when placing things on my desk. I know how deep the page I’m looking for is by the colour of the candy wrapper from that week.

Why do you write?

I’m a practiced lair and writing it down helps me remember where I left off. When Dearheart and I were first married I worked 2 jobs. She came with me and read to me. Hundreds of books, one after the other. Now, 46 years later, her eyesight is beginning to wane and I write to hear her laugh. Marilyn Monroe said, “If you can get a woman to laugh you can get her to do almost anything.” You can ask my wife – it’s true!

What is you earliest memory of wanting to write? Your earliest memory of reading?

Reading? In truth, I have a good deal of trouble reading. If Dearheart reads to me, it creates a picture in my head as vivid as TV. I can remember every detail, every smell, every feature the story holds. If I read it myself I have trouble visualizing it and keeping the words straight. I have no idea why, but I can’t “see” the story if I read it.

What was your inspiration for Max and Esther, and Esther’s abilities?

I like this question very much – you’ve read my story differently. I have been exposed to elderly women for some years now. The people I based these women on frequented my wife’s shop many, many times and nothing made either of them more clairvoyant than a bottle of wild turkey and a good smoke! They were always very fun and always full of surprises… and remarkably accurate!

Writing and publishing a novel takes a lot of effort. Any advice for when things get hard?

For me, the hardest thing related to writing is getting people to read what I’ve written. Or, worse yet, trying to market it! You can write the best book in the world and the lengths you have to go through to get people to even look at it is insane. Writing it? Easy as pie. Afterwards, getting it published, getting it read, getting it reviewed and then getting it sold? I can’t think of anything harder!

The Wishing Stone is only 99 cents for the duration of the tour! Snatch it up now.

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